“Small acts when multiplied by all of us, can transform the lives of kids across the world.”


We Love Our Volunteers because They Help Us Succeed:

Volunteers donate their time and/or services.
Volunteers help spread the word about us in their communities.
Volunteers help make our fundraising events a success.
Volunteers provide new and creative ideas.
Volunteers help chaperone to ensure the safety of our students.
Volunteers assist us with our Youth Development Programs.
Volunteers often fundraise on behalf of Students Going Global:
Razoo.com & Causes.com
Volunteers support our work in many ways:
Ways to Support Our Work at Students Going Global


Please send us a message if you are interested in getting involved to support our efforts to empower disadvantaged youth in underserved cities through Global Education, Educational Tours Abroad, Global Education Centered Youth Development Programs and Community Outreach Projects. Volunteers are always needed to provide their services, to assist with programs and events, to chaperone  trips and to help fundraise. Thank you! 

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