“Students Going Global will broaden perspectives, help to remove barriers to success and provide students with a much needed opportunity to explore the global possibilities. It is difficult to imagine all that you can be when you have a very limited view.”
~Iris Ware

“An Educational Tour Abroad is a motivational tool, and it lets students know that they don’t have to settle.”
~Tamecia Batiste

“I see this organization changing lives as well as families and becoming a national organization.”
~Andrea McCaskill 

“It is important for youth to see the world. This exposure impacts their dream potential. It develops awareness for diversity and educates the whole child.”
~Gloria Cunningham

“Much of the inner-city youth live “in a box” and merit current movie depictions as truth. Students Going Global will allow youths to have a firsthand perception of the world around them. It would also prepare them for the diversity of higher education and the work force. For some youths, Students Going Global may be their only opportunity to leave the country, the state, and possibly even the city.”
~Shaquana Snyder

Holding our first fundraiser at the Masonic Temple “Broadway Detroit” event on 12/14/12.

Students Going Global

 Students Going Global founder, Sharreen Hardy, manning the fundraising table at the Masonic Temple “Broadway Detroit” event on December 14, 2012. Students Going Global would like to thank all of the wonderful anonymous donors for their kindness and support: http://www.studentsgoingglobal.org/donate/

“Small acts, when multiplied by all of us, can transform the lives of kids across the world.”