and making Global Literacy and Educational Tours Abroad possible for disadvantaged youth


As the Founder of Students Going Global and as a former Teacher and Guidance Counselor totaling fifteen years in Detroit, Michigan, I saw a need for more outward bound educational opportunities on a local, national and international level that would enable academically motivated, disadvantaged youth in at risk schools & in at risk neighborhoods to compete in a competitive, diverse, global economy.
In the 21st century, I do not believe that classroom education is enough.

All of our youth need opportunities for outward bound educational experiences that broaden horizons, stimulate learning, engage students and provide something tangible and meaningful that is going to make a significant difference in some way.

Even at the most basic level, for example, it is one thing to read about elephants and view images of them in a textbook. It is an entirely different experience to visit Thailand in Asia and actually ride on an elephant. Imagine the impact! The 21st century calls for new, innovative and creative means of educating our youth. We can no longer limit learning to a classroom.

Students need to explore and make observations of the outside world as much as possible and as far as possible, connecting what they learned inside the classroom outside the classroom. Students will then begin to care and personalize learning, making learning more effective, worthwhile, valuable and memorable. Through hands on real life experiences, students make connections and begin to see the greater possibilities in their own lives.

A focus entirely on academics in the classroom is a narrow focus.  At Students Going Global, we value a holistic approach, developing the whole child, academically, socially and personally through year-round youth development programs and local, national and international outward bound educational experiences, creating globally competent, well-rounded, self-motivated, goal oriented, lifelong learners who remain engaged in life and learning.

Global initiatives and outward bound educational experiences are now more important than ever. We now reside in a global economy where the world’s economies are interconnected and dependent upon one another to thrive, giving rise to educational institutions across the country incorporating global initiatives and outward bound educational experiences into their curriculums, including International Baccalaureate Programs, Study Abroad Programs, Student Exchange Programs and Educational Tours Abroad, striving to increase global competence among 21st century students, to meet the demands of a global economy and to  remain academically competitive.  However, far too often, these programs remain out of reach for low-income disadvantaged youth. Students Going Global supports and empowers disadvantaged youth who have demonstrated a commitment to academic excellence and provides them avenues to learn, grow and actively participate in our 21st century global economy.

I would love to see a world where every high achieving, low-income high school student has an opportunity to become a global citizen and travel out of the country on an Educational Tour Abroad and open their eyes to a world of new possibilities.

My vision for disadvantaged youth originally began as a Club idea while working as a Guidance Counselor at  Cass Technical High School in Detroit, Michigan, where I founded “The International Exploration Club,” back in 2011, which quickly culminated into a Non-Profit Organization, Students Going Global, in 2012, allowing me to expand my reach.

My passions lie in any opportunities that will inspire our youth to reach their full potential; I, therefore, extend my sincere appreciation and gratitude to all past, present, and future supporters of Students Going Global in the form of grants, business sponsorships, individual donations, community partnerships and volunteers for helping to keep our vision alive. Without you our work would not be possible.

With warmest wishes,

Sharreen Hardy
Founder of Students Going Global
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“The world is a book, and those who do not travel read only a page.” ~St. Augustine