Global Literacy Resources

“If we teach today’s students as we taught yesterdays, we rob them of tomorrow.” ~John Dewey

Global Literacy Resources help 21st century educators and students gain the skills necessary to compete in a global society.


1.) Video: American Council on Education “US Global Competence: A 21st Century Imperative”:
2.) Article: National Education Association. (2010). Global competence is a 21st century imperative:
3.) Video: EF Educational Tours: The Global Classroom:
4.) Video: EF Educational Tours: Tour Experiences Abroad:
5.) Going Global Slideshare:
6.) Annual Global Education Conference:
7.) The Dot Club:
8.) International Education and Resource Network: or or
9.) Asia Society’s Partnership for Global Learning:
10.) Online Professional Development on East Asia:
11.) Global toolkits for school leaders, trainers, program directors, & program assessment:
12.) Asia Society Resources:
13.) Global Education Resources:!/pages/Asia-for-Educators/110469359011348?sk=notes
14.) Global Education Initiative:
15.) Global Education Resources:
16.) Unesco Literacy Day:
17.) Worldwide Reading Initiative:
18.) Undocumented youth across the country share their own immigration narratives:
19.) The International Association for Intercultural Education (IAIE):
20.) A Global Education Toolbox:
21.) Diversity Toolkit: Cultural Competence for Educators:
22.) AFSUSA Global Classroom eNewsletter:
23.) Asia Society Global Literacy Teaching Guides:
24.) Article: Becoming Citizens of the World:
25. Global Education Resources via Evernote:
26. Going Global: Preparing Students to be Citizens of the world from Lucy Gray

Going Global: Preparing Students to be Citizens of the world from Lucy Gray

Additional Resources for Educators: