1. Subject $30,000 Scholarship Available to High School Juniors- GPA __- Deadline: January 31- 11th Grade- www.discoverfinancial.com/community

  2. Society of Women Engineers- Detroit Section 2012 Scholarship Selection Criteria- GPA __- Deadline: March 1- 11th Grade- Shannon.atchison@swe.org

  3. ACT- GPA__- Deadline: end of junior year- 11th Grade- www.act.org

  4. General Motors Minority Scholarship Program- GPA 3.0- Deadline: March 31- 11th Grade- webmaster@michigancolleges.org

  5. Western Michigan University Junior Sprotlight- GPA__- Deadline: March 21- 11th Grade-

  6. QuestBridge Summer Program – GPA__- Deadline: March 31- 11th Grade- www.questbridge.org

  7. National Foundation for Women Legislators, Inc.- GPA__- Deadline: June 13- 11th Grade- www.womenlegislators.org

  8. Discover Card tribute Award Scholarship- GPA 2.75- Deadline: January 11- 11th Grade- www.discovercard.com/tribute.htm

  9. The 2011 Hamilton Award- GPA__- Deadline: April 15- 11th Grade- www.himiltonfriends.org

  10. Career Day &Youth Summit- GPA__- Deadline: April 18- 11th Grade- careerday@campbellco.com

  11. The Joyce Ivy Foundation- GPA__- Deadline: March 16- 11th Grade- www.joyceivyfoundation.org

  12. The Nordstrom Scholarship Program- GPA 2.7-Deadline: May 1- 11th Grade- nordstromscholarship@act.org

  13. Lawrence Tech University- GPA__- Deadline: May 1- 11th Grade- www.surveymonkey.com/s/scienceandmath

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