“A child educated only at school is an uneducated child.” -George Santayana”

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International Student Ambassador’s Leadership Program
International College Bound Program
International Space Camp Program
International Cultural Club Program
International Young Entrepreneur’s Club Program
International STEM Program

At Students Going Global, we recognize the value in outward bound educational opportunities, so we utilize Educational Tours Abroad, Global Education Centered Youth Development Programs and Community Outreach Projects to support and empower disadvantaged youth. Currently Serving the Detroit Area

We offer six year-round, global education centered Youth Development Programs that provide global literacy, 21st century skills (global competence, collaboration, critical thinking & problem solving), local, national and international outward bound educational opportunities, entrepreneurial skills, community service and self-esteem building. Each program takes students on an Educational Tour Abroad and provides scholarships for low-income students that cover the full cost to participate.

All six programs will run simultaneously and meet with students once a week for two hours year-round. Each program encompasses the overall goals of Students Going Global and develops the whole child, academically, socially and personally.

Upon program completion, all students will receive signed certificates of completion, recognizing them as Global Citizens for traveling abroad with Students Going Global and fulfilling the program requirements. Our ultimate goal at Students Going Global is to empower disadvantaged youth nationwide to become globally minded, community conscious and solution oriented leaders, thinkers and doers who become major contributors to their communities and to a global society.

Programs Begin: Last week in October of each year
Programs End: Last week in September of each year
Application Period: Month of April
Application Deadline: End of April of each year
Application Review Period: Month of May
Notification of Acceptance: Month of June

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