Programs Begin: Last week in October of each year
Programs End: Last week in September of each year
Application Period: Month of April
Application Deadline: End of April of each year
Application Review Period: Month of May
Notification of Acceptance: Month of June

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Student Requirements:

(To participate in an Educational Tour Abroad with Students Going Global and to enroll in one of its six year-round Youth Development Programs).
1) Live in Detroit, Michigan (Proof required)
2) Attend high school (grades 9-12)
3) Minimum 2.5 GPA (Copy of official high school transcript required)
4) Good high school disciplinary record (proof required)
5) Scholarship Criteria – Must be Low-Income to receive a scholarship that will cover the cost of the educational tour abroad as well as the year-round youth development program fee (Foster Care Youth and DHS recipients automatically qualify as low-income) Low-income verification is required in the form of Foster Care Placement Form, DHS Assistance Verification Form, or Current year Family Tax Return. (If you are unsure if you qualify as low-income, please consult the Federal household income guidelines located on the current school year “Application for Free and Reduced Price School Meals” provided at your child’s high school). High School students who do not meet the low-income requirements are welcomed to travel abroad with Students Going Global and to participate in any of the Youth Development Programs offered by Students Going Global; however, the student must pay for the full cost of the Educational Tour Abroad within 4 months of the tour departure date (payment plans available) as well as pay a non-refundable Youth Development Program fee of $850, due upon program acceptance in the form of a money order or cashier’s check. All students traveling with Students Going Global are required to have the Global Travel Protection Plan, which is included in the cost of the Educational Tour Abroad.
6) Signed parent/guardian consent form.
7) Completed application packet with all requested documents attached by the deadline date (End of April of each year). No incomplete application packets will be accepted.
8) Mandatory enrollment and active participation in one of the six year-round Youth Development Programs offered at Students Going Global. (All six programs run simultaneously, incorporate an Educational Tour Abroad, include the participation in our Community Outreach Projects and meet with students once a week for two hours.)
9) Participate in an interview with the Youth Development Program Director.
10) Attend a mandatory Student/Parent Orientation after being accepted into one of SGG’s year-round programs.
11) Provide the costs for the following: Passport (Ages 16 and older – $135.00 / Ages 15 and younger – $105.00 / 4-6 weeks routine processing time) Baggage Fees to and from our destination abroad (approx. $60 total roundtrip) Money (unless lunch is also included with a particular tour),  Spending Money (optional) for souvenirs, shopping, snacks, etc., and possible Immunization Shots, depending on the destination abroad. All Educational Tours Abroad with Students Going Global are pre-packaged and all-inclusive tours abroad, including international flight arrangements, hotel arrangements, logistics throughout trip, day to day itinerary, breakfast and dinner daily, Global Travel Protection Plan Coverage, tips and gratuity, costs for activities/excursions while on tour, 24 hour Tour Director while abroad, 24 hour Tour Group Leader, local tour guides and 1 adult chaperone for every 6 students traveling abroad. We ensure a safe, secure, and worry free Educational Tour Abroad: , and
12) Actively participate in the fundraising activities and efforts of Students Going Global
13) Participate regularly in various volunteer/community service opportunities made available to students weekly by Students Going Global. (We provide meaningful ways for students to connect with their community through our Community Outreach Projects, and it provides a great opportunity for students to fulfill their Community Service Hours required for graduation by some school districts.
14) Create & present Group PowerPoint Presentations based on experiences abroad within three weeks of return date.
15) Create & present Individual WeShare Program Videos via based on experiences abroad within four weeks of return date.
16) Participate in no more than one youth development program per year provided by Students Going Global
17) Adhere to the Program Syllabus.

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