History – Founded in February of 2012.

Mission – Students Going Global is a global initiative to increase global education and awareness and make Educational Tours Abroad possible for disadvantaged youth in underserved cities nationwide.

Vision – To see a world where every stellar, disadvantaged high school student has an opportunity to become a global citizen and travel out of the country on an educational tour abroad and open their eyes to a world of new possibilities.

Services offered – Educational Tours Abroad, global education centered Youth Development Programs and Community Outreach Projects to support and empower disadvantaged youth


1. To support and empower disadvantaged youth
2. To increase global literacy, cultural awareness & 21st century skills
(global competence, collaboration, critical thinking & problem solving).
3. To provide students with international and multicultural educational opportunities
4. To provide a broad range of knowledge and experiences to better prepare students for college and careers in a 21st century global economy
5. To stimulate students’ intellectual ambition and curiosity
6. To expand global awareness and develop students’ multicultural & global perspective
7. To help students gain a greater cultural consciousness, understanding, and sensitivity
8. To give students a competitive edge in their pursuit of higher education and
other post-secondary endeavors
9. To enable learning by doing and provide real life, hands-on, collaborative, student-centered and project-based learning experiences.
10. To broaden career prospects and break down social, economic, and cultural barriers
11. To increase confidence and independence
12. To show how the world’s economies are interconnected and prepare students
to meet 21st century challenges
13. To create a broader view of the world and its opportunities
14. To encourage students to think broadly, beyond the boundaries
of their communities
15. To help students discover meaningful ways to contribute to a global society
16. To help students realize their own intimate connection to the world
17. To enable exposure to social, economic and environmental challenges
locally, nationally and internationally
18. To enable students to make global connections and new discoveries
19. To increase tolerance and help students embrace diversity and celebrate differences
20. To develop the whole child, academically, socially and personally
21. To instill hope and inspire students to reach their full potential
22. To accelerate learning and academic success
23. To show students the world!

Working Diligently for Disadvantaged Youth

Creating Global Citizens for a Global Economy

Transparency – Transparency is a core value at Students Going Global. We have a full disclosure policy to promote accountability and to provide information about what we are doing to fulfill our mission.

Collaboration – Students Going Global is dedicated to working with students and parents along with other non-profit organizations, businesses and individuals in the private sector to achieve the common goal of providing cultural educational opportunities abroad for well deserving youth.

Diversity – Part of our mission is to expose students to people of various cultures and to bring together those of various backgrounds to show students unique and inspirational perspectives, inspiring students to embrace diversity and to celebrate differences.

Responsibility – As we encourage students to perform to the best of their abilities, we as an organization expect the same of our members. We are dedicated to high performance at all levels to ensure the success of Students Going Global and the success of the students we serve.

Creativity and Innovation – We are working to meet the different and growing needs of students in a fast paced and globalized economy. We are, therefore, committed to trying a variety of approaches to accomplish our mission to ultimately expand the minds, hearts and horizons of our students.

Purpose and Commitment – We are committed to providing educational and traveling opportunities abroad to students who are both high achieving and disadvantaged. We have taken a pledge to give back to Detroit youth by inspiring them to reach their full potential,  preparing them for success, and opening their eyes to a world of new possibilities.

Communication –  We find it imperitive in today’s fast paced and globalized economy to use various forms of communication including multi media and social media that will allow us to cross borders and expand our reach on both a national and an international level to ensure that we effectively meet our goal to carry out the mission and vision of our organization.

Integrity and Honesty – At Students Going Global, we are sincere in our actions, which we demonstrate through our policy of transparency and full disclosure. That is, the public is allowed to view anything related to our organization.

Respect – At Students Going Global, we acknowledge talent and respect differences in everyone regardless of race, color, gender and culture.

Professional Creed:
Duty of Care – Exercise reasonable care when making a decision as a member of the organization
Duty of Loyalty – Give undivided allegiance when making decisions affecting the organization
Duty of Obedience – Be faithful to the organization’s mission 


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